Religion and Huge Role Essay

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Is Beauty in the eye of the beholder? I don’t believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder for many reasons. Yes it is true that there are millions of people in the world each having their own taste or belief in what is exactly considered “beauty”, but I believe the media plays a huge role in what beauty is to each person. For example depending on what kind of music you listen to can play a huge role in the clothes you find flattering or the type of women you seek to find. Another example is in art. Leonardo divinchi was a great artist there is no denying that, but if someone was to criticize the work he did in the sisten chapel and calls it ugly they would be looked at as uneducated and ignorant because books and the media’s reflection of him portray him as a great artist. Can’t it just be that some people don’t find art appealing? The media decides for us especially in America what is considered beauty and what is considered ugly or abnormal. Look at rap music for instants it is looked at as morally incorrect, trashy, and inappropriately explicit now in time. Now let’s say 100 years go by and rap music is now the classic music of a future generation. Will it be considered Beautiful or be respected just because a great deal of time has passed and has given it the label as “classic” and if so who is to say its beautiful and should be respected? The media, things we listen to, watch, and learn all affect exactly how we feel and how we portray something. This is why I feel that beauty is in the eye of the beholder to some extent but the media is the real deciding factor as to what real beauty is and what just someone’s opinion is. Does god exist? I believe god definitely exists. It’s funny because I have no solid evidence proving why I believe this. I have never seen him, never gotten a true reply when I have tried to talk to him. I actually have more reasons to believe he does not exist. If he created man who created him, and if someone created god who or what created the person or thing that made god? I have no real answer as to why I believe and have faith in something as farfetched as a man that created earth and has tremendous power over the entire world, but yet no one has ever seen or genuinely spoken to him. There are also many religions that all worship different “gods” and they all see each other’s religion as wrong, or that they are worshiping the wrong god or that the god they worship isn’t in fact a god at all. Which of these religions is right? And if one is even right would god punish the people that choose the wrong religion even though it’s not their fault? Even though my entire reply to this question points in the direction of not believing in god for some reason I still believe, and have a strong faith in god. I feel as though there really is someone who listens to me when I pray or need guidance on a more spiritual level something another human being wouldn’t be able to help you with. I also believe it’s important to keep faith because if you don’t believe in god then what do you believe in? Science…? That may be so, and there are a lot of signs that point to science being the real creator of earth and humanity, but I feel as though the world is a much better place with the faith of god in it. If anyone ever discovered actual proof that god didn’t exist and in fact humanity and the world as we know it were a freak accident of nature and science collaborating to make this amazing world we live in and gave us this thing we call life then life as we know it would be drastically different. The fear of doing wrong would be completely removed from people heads. Life would then really be about free choice. People would then know that their actions have no real consequence unless another human being enforces it. The…