Religion and Open Middle Schools Essay

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Everyone views the church differently, but some people share similar views. These people come together and start an organization or religion to express their feelings towards their believed creator/God. The people, who join a religion, are on a journey to find a deeper sense of self or want to bask in glory alongside their beloved creator. I would define the Church as a group of individuals, who share a similar view of a higher power/God, that attend a scheduled Mass to praise their deity. They also follow a set of guidelines and have ceremonies to become even more indulged in their own belief. They follow routine rules like praying, being respectful, and modest. Another description I’d use for the church is a building of worship, where religious sacraments take place. Rules, I feel a religion should follow, are to show respect for their God by not speaking their name aloud, praying, attend religious ceremonies, and allow their actions to show they are of a respected religion, but some might not follow of these rules accordingly. This doesn’t mean they’re wrong, but are practicing how they seem fit. The rules listed shouldn’t be practiced without thought. The rules above are for you to dwell on to reach a deeper set of mind so you may grow closer to your creator. In my opinion, a church isn’t a building or scriptural readings. My vision of a church is the people involved and reflecting their beliefs for the better, not worse. They should leave an imprint of hope and fondness after their death. The idea of religion is "to love thy neighbour as thyself", because if you don’t then it’ll lead to chaos. Religion was invented for people to come together as brother and sisters of the earth to make peace amongst each other. People should be less greedy and be able to overcome indifference rather than pointing out the difference. So, I believe it doesn’t matter which faith you follow as long as you treat each individual with respect and without criticism. Depending on the individual, I think religion should either play a major, minor or have no time at all in their lives. If an individual is part of a religion then they should decide whether or not religion is important to them or not, then act accordingly to their beliefs. Everyone is different so they will react differently when faced with religion, and they’ll act how they deem is the right way. If someone belongs to a certain religion then they should try and show it without shame. Those without a religion should still act with human dignity and not be treated any different than someone with a religion. Personally, I don’t think religion should be apart of society. I think it should just remain in the private life of the people, who are apart of the religion. Also if the church could make laws, they’d be backwards and viewed as wrong. I feel people should respect other peoples’ views by not flaunting their faith, because this could cause people to feel their faith is less important or just make people feel belittled by not having a religion in the first place. The church has always been a beacon of hope and enlightenment for those in need. One thing the church is known for besides it's faith is its education, which they've been doing for hundred and hundreds of years. Even til this day, they are still educating people. The Church has open middle schools, high schools, and even universities! They go as far as villages in Africa, where they teach them agriculture, writing, spelling, and math. They aren't just affecting modern civilization, but 3rd world countries for the better. The Church doesn't just educate the world. It's there even through the darkest times of a person's life like going through natural disasters. The Red Cross is a religious organization that responds to people in need by giving shelter, food, and the daily conveniences were use to like the internet or phones. We can always rely on the church to help people in some way, shape, or form.