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Liberation is moksha and moksha is what all Hindus strive for it is ultimate bliss and awareness, Catholics have heaven as the ultimate goal and Hindus have moksha. Each person has different talents and strengths hence why there is more than one path to help Hindus reach liberation. In this essay it would be talking about the three paths that Hinduism people believe in what each one involves and what kind of lifestyle a person would lead in order to be determined, Karma Marga is for the socially active it is called “the path of works”. Jhana Marga is the path of knowledge, and bhaki marga, the path of devotion. Hindus can choose to follow more.
Karma marga is for the socially active it is called “path of works”, It is for people who prefer to seek liberation through day to day tasks such as raising a family or volunteering. This path is about living in harmony with dharma ethical duty, it is about being unselfish they saying “do the right thing only because it is right” is very popular in this path because it explains that a person should not be doing a good deed to be rewarded but rather one should do a good deed because it is the right thing. A person has a set of specific social and religious obligations that must be fulfilled , for example , he must follow his caste occupation, marry within his caste, eat or not eat certain foods and produce and raise a son who can make a sacrifice to his ancestors as well as perform other duties. By fulfilling there responsibilities, the person on the path of works may obtain a better reincarnation in the next life and perhaps, after thousands of reincarnation achieve
Jhana marga is the path of knowledge it is for philosophical or intellectual types. Followers of this path must devote a great deal of time to learning and meditation, this path is usually followed by members of the Brahmin caste. Jhana marga