Religion: Trinity and Separate Gods Essay

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Jewish authors, though inspired by God, had tainted and plagued the Scriptures withJewish tradition and views.
Several councils were held to disprove these heresies andhelp shape today what is known as the Orthodox Church.Some other heresies have come up throughout history to attack the theology of thechurch. The most prominent ones, aside from deism and salvation by works, were that ofAnti-Semitism, Pelegianism, Arianism and Gnosticism. With each heresy, we have seenChristian and church leaders rise up to disprove what lies were being spread; but mostimportantly, defend the church’s reputation
, honor, and core beliefs. We know that Arius,a presbyter who lived in Alexandria, started preaching the lie of Arianism. This view stated the following: “God is, by nature, essentially uncreated and owes his existence to nothing.” 19 Though this view doesn’t seem detri mental, it lucratively dethrones Jesus,saying that he was not the Son of God, but an archangel, because his existence was not bythe hand of His Father. This viral idea completely tainted the Trinity, proclaiming that itconsisted of 3 separate gods rather than one God in three persons. This goes against muchof what we find throughout Scripture, which paints the theological views of therelationship between the Father and the Son.
In response to Arius’lies, one of the most important events in church history was called to order in 325 A.D.: the Council of Nicaea. This council brought affirmation to some much-needed doctrines of theology among the churches. This council brought us a18 Gonzalez, Justo.
The Story of Christianity: The Early Church to the Dawn of theReformation, no. crucial document that would set the doctrine of the Trinity in stone: the Nicene Creed.Arianism had begun to split the church and diluting the orthodoxy views of the Trinity. Inresponse to this, Emperor Constantine stepped up to intervene alongside Athanasius, whoserved as the assistant to the bishop. Arius began by declaring that the Father and Sonwere not one, but two separate gods. Athanasius disproved Arius and his illegitimateargument by setting the common belief that the Trinity is one God in three persons backinto place, so it may continue as a common belief and an essential view of Theology.Shortly after, in the 2nd century, Gnosticism took the stage and had begun to plague the church. This view comes from the Greek word states that God’s Word is false and that truth is…