Remember The Titans: High School Football Team

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The movie “ Remember The Titans “ is based upon a less well known episode in the racial history of American sports , the integration of a high school football team in Alexandria, VA is about equality and respect for one another even if you are black or white T.C. williams high school football team is about to experience something new . The European american head coach Bill Yoast was a step away from the hall of fame for winning one season but was soon replaced by a african american coach Herman Boone from north carolina who wanted to desegregate Williams football team . This is important because the story is in the year 1967 were segregation was a big role in america and where whites and blacks could not be in the same environment of one another .
The high school football team is separated into whites and blacks but the new head coach is not having it , he is giving this football team a life lesson which is respect and do not judge a book by its cover . He tells them that
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''Remember the Titans'' is not a subtle picture until the end, a black player comes to visit his white teammate -- at first his bitter rival, now his bosom friend in the hospital. The nurse tries to tell him to go away. ''Only kin is allowed,'' she says. ''Can't you see that's my brother?'' all the teammates reply . All together now, ''He's got the whole world in his hands.''
But football is not a subtle game, and if ''Remember the Titans'' is corny, it's unabashedly, even generously so. Directed by Boaz Yakin from a screenplay by Gregory Allen Howard, the film tells the true story of the T. C. Williams High School Titans , “ People say that it can't work, black and white;Well here we make it work, every day.We have our disagreements, of course,But before we reach for hate,Always, always, we remember the Titans” Coach Boone