Remember The Titans Critique

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Film Critique on “Remember the Titans”
Christina Lelinski
ENG125: Introduction to Film
Mathew Warren
March 17, 2013

Remember the Titans
The world of film is an art of exploring different types of designs element to capture an audience so they can be emotionally affected by the master piece of the finished product which is the creative work and time consuming process of the producer and director. This type of exploration has been around since the early 1890’s and has entertained people so they could escape their everyday life for a brief moment. The element of design uses the tools of storytelling, acting, directing, cinematography, editing, and sound to create and bring out the life experiences of the producer and director to tell a story in movement instead of written words. The creation or vision of the film “Remember the Titans” is based on people working together to make the reality of the film a success. The filming making job has a team of people that make it happen. The film was producer by Jerry Brucheimer and Chad Oman and director by Boaz Yakin. The produce job is to arrange the film to be made, find the investors and hire. The director job is to oversee the look and vision of the film and directs the actors and cinematographer. Next you have a group people like the editor and sound editor, who are responsible for arranging the best footage that was shot in to an effective order and sound editor job is to select music, sound effects into the final audio track (Goodykoontz & Christopher, (2011). The final question is what makes the film a good one? It would first have to be you the audience because you are the ones who go to the theaters and pay to see the film. In the film making of the “Remember the Titans” you will look at how the film came together and the tools of element in designing the film. The purpose of directing a film like this one is to evoke a connection to its characters, theme and the audience. The original script for this film was filled with profanity, but Disney in effort to produce a good family film, asked producer Jerry Briuckeimer to remove all extreme profanity from the script. The movie was rated PG because of the racial issue of the storyline which the audience was able to connect to, but beside that you would not have guessed the film was made by Disney, it shows that the producers and director of Remember the Titans were able to create a movie that was intelligent and brilliant for the whole family to view (Tyler, J, movie review). It was created to bring in personal experiences and struggles to the film of the producers and director and most importantly the audience to make it an inspiring film. The narrative structure of the film was written by Gregory Allen which tells a story based on a true story of an African coach Herman Boone. It was based on a 1971 high school football team in Alexandria, Virginia. The story takes place at T.C. Williams High School where it was the time integration of black into white’s schools which the school district forced T.C. William’s high schools to take in those blacks into their school (Christian answers) . It was faced to unify a football that split between whites and blacks and try to bring a team to play together and learn to separate their racial differences between each other. The producers and the film team wanted to create a film that would be seen by Americans through its intense drama, powerful music and its strong characterization (Tate). The movie draws in on Americans who love football which the film’s theme of racial conflict was seen through the film which added drama which fuels the audience with different emotion of the teams up and downs to win a game until the end. The plot of the film helps the audience stay connected to the story without being confused which is shown though what is seen by the narrative structure of the story. The film is based on a chronological order because it has a beginning, middle and end;