Report on E-Commerce Security Essay

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2. Features of E-commerce: 4
2.1. Security role in present E-commerce: 4
2.2. Security Factors in E-commerce: 5
3. Security Technologies: 7
3.1. Secure Electronic Transaction (SET): 7
3.2. Secure Socket Layer (SSL): 8
3.3. Firewall: 8
4. Conclusion: 9
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In the E-commerce security is most important point because a website is to protect the valuable information. It plays a vital role to provide security to the customer information. It mainly deals when the customer doing the online transactions. By this security support the customer has trusted on the E-commerce website as well as they protects their personal information from the thief’s and hackers.
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Not-repudiation involves the technical like digital signature, conformation services and time stamps. Digital Signature has distinctive to identify for individual like written signature.

Advantages of Security in E-commerce:

The internet gives the much benefits to the customer through that the customer can has a chance to browse and do shopping there suitability and their place. They can access the service from office and home as they like it is available 24/7.

• Protect the privacy and reliability of network transactions.

• Encrypted and secure payment online.

• Increase the volume of purchases, improve the relationship with customers.

• With the help of e-commerce can promote products globally.

• Identify the users and merchants on the network.

• Look after E-commerce website and enterprise networks from attacks by hackers.

• Protect the personal information of E-commerce users.

3. Security Technologies:
Security is the most important issue for E-commerce it gives security to the website, these security services are provided to ensure basic E-commerce requirements. Security services provide a way for safe, authentic, and reliable communications between two or more parties. Security not only includes that the information stays within the communicating parties but also it can be verified and noted as authentic. Signing of contracts, registration of mail, disclosures,