Representation of Women and Gender Essay

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Representation of Women and Gender
Jessica Porter
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“Well behaved women seldom make history”- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. There are many ways of which this quote can be interpreted. It exemplifies the powerful risks woman have taken and the sacrifices that have been made both in history and throughout life today. The great Antigone, along with many others both before her and after her, has proven a great example of a woman doing what she feels is right, regardless whatever the harsh punishment may be. In the time era for which she had lived, it was unheard of for women to defy men, it was expected that they live to serve the men of their government and of their families. While some may call Antigone a rebel, she was a very respectful woman, who felt her brother was being treated unfairly in regards to his treatment after death. Antigone was faced with a challenging decision. Her Fiancé’s father was the King, and he was a very strict King, who liked to use people as examples of what can happen if you defy him. In this case, he had decided that Antigone’s brother Polyneices did not deserve a respectful burial after death. Both of Antigone’s brothers had died, and yet only one of them was given a proper burial. One of the men was sentenced to be left unburied. He was to be left for his flesh to be exposed as an offering of a meal to a passing vulture or wild dog. The King explained to his kingdom that anyone who would even try to avenge this unfair ruling by burying him in the ground themselves would see an untimely painful death. Antigone knew in her heart of hearts that she absolutely had to find a way to give her brother a burial that he so deserved. She was filled with an overwhelming sorrow for the loss of a family member, and believed it was her duty to uphold his honor. When she began to think of her ideas, she decided to bring them forth to her sister. Surely she thought that she too would partake in this journey to do the right thing, even if the outcome would be death. He was their brother after all. She spoke as if it were a child of hers that had passed; many would find relief in having another one to replace the sorrow with joy. However a brother cannot be reborn. Her sister disagreed to the defiance of the law, and advised Antigone against this mission in order to keep her from seeing a similar fate. Of course Antigone ignored her sister’s request and went against