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After analyzing the survey results the researcher focus on the minority population. Students from class A will participate in using technology to improve students’ math scores and Teacher A will use technology resources to assist with the improvement of these students’ scores. The problem is students are hindered from using technology for additional practice at home to reinforce what they are learning in school. Students who have this access to technology achieve higher scores on assessments. Based on student data from second grade, most of the student scores range from 81% to 90% on last years exams but, entering into third grade some of the baseline data describes that these same students are scoring between 58% and 70%. Since second grade curriculum ends at the 1,000 place value and the third grade starts at 100,000 place value, there is a discrepancy gap between the teacher expectations of students entering third grade. Students are deficient in their math skills which they will have to learn in a short period of time in the beginning of the school year. This becomes frustrating to the students to adjust their learning module to attain success in math. Strategies that will be put in place to utilize technology resources will be provided by the researcher with teacher and parent training on various technology websites involving math. Students will receive their training from their teachers and continue their practice using technology at home with their parents. By implementing these strategies students will improve their math skills by having a variety of technology resources to reinforce what they are learning in school.

Goals for teachers and students Goal A 1. By December 2011, third grade teachers will be able to implement the use of Studyisland, Discovery Education, and Envision websites in their classrooms a minimum of three days a week. Goal B 2. By December 2011, students will be able to increase their math abilities by utilizing Studyisland, Discovery Education, and Envision websites at school and home three to five days a week. Goal B 3. By December 2011, students will be able to analyze data to create personal goals in various