Essay on Research: Education and Martin Luther King

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Nothing in life is equal, we each must stand up and fight for what we want and believe in. In the past that’s what many historical figures have done, for example Martin Luther King Jr. fought for what he believed in. That’s what many people are standing up and fighting for, they’re fighting for equal school funding in public schools. Cindy Marks the CSBA president and vice president of the Board of Education for Modesto city schools stated that “Over the last five years, K-12 budgets were reduced by about $20 billion statewide, $9 billion of which was in deferred payments.” (“CSBA”) All over the nation public schools have been treated unequally by receiving inadequate funding, and that’s what people are seeing more and more these days, how school budgeting are being cut and classes and teachers have to be dismissed from school. Parents all over are fighting for better rights and education for their kids. Everyone deserves equal treatment whether they’re rich or poor, especially when it comes to education. Why would a wealthier community school get brand new science text books while a less fortunate school will still keep on using ten year old text books. In a perfect world everything would be equal but it’s not and not everyone would agree with schools should get equal funding. That would mean a lot of things would change, people form the community would have to pay more in taxes. That’d cost the federal, state and local a lot of money as well. This would help out so many people around the country. Some schools don’t have