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Activity 3 – Research for a presentation
Uniting care 1. Company overview * Is one of the largest providers of community services in Australia * Has more than 1,300 social services sites nationally - twice as many sites as McDonald's * Is present in remote, regional and metropolitan Australia * Provides services to over 2 million Australians each year * Employs 35,000 staff – as many staff as Australia Post * Is supported by 24,000 volunteers * Has an annual expenditure of around $2.4 billion

2. Company history
UnitingCare Australia works with and on behalf of the UnitingCare network to advocate for policies and programs that will improve people’s quality of life.
UnitingCare Australia believes that belonging in community is fundamental to people’s wellbeing. UnitingCare Australia values an inclusive community that strives to remove all barriers that prevent people from belonging and participating as fully as they wish and are able.
UnitingCare Australia also actively maintains and builds relationships with key stakeholders to deliver higher levels of access and influence, and works, as appropriate, with other churches and peak organisations in the community services field.
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Source: 3. Issues
Current issues concerning the broader industry of which the company is part * the capability to plan and deliver services in the future * the ability to provide high quality services to all Australians, regardless of means — are under threat * the changing face of the family and community, * an ageing population and workforce, * a more diverse population requiring more specialised and targeted services, * the decline in informal care and secure, and sustainable funding. * the recent and rapid increase in multiple and complex need services must respond to, * workforce pressures, * the burden of