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My Seventeen
Angela Tyson
Grantham, University
Abstract I think that this is a very good story to talk about; I want to share an amazing story about my seventeen, joining the Army reserved. First I want to say that at seventeen you have no idea that your baby wants to leave home, especially going off to the military.
Par. 1 When she first came to me and her farther, to sign the paper we told her that the answer is no. She would come home every day from school saying that the recruiter was coming out, every day I would still say no. One day my child came home, and sat me and her father down and shared all of the benefit that they offer. The biggest 0ne was helping her to go to college and get a good degree. I know that being successful in life is a big tool to hold on to and have. She really explains how the significance of how the military will shape her into a better person.
Par. 2 I will give some insight on her life before she went in. My daughter was just a normal little school girl that did everything that normal school girls do. She was living a very comfort life style in a warm loving environment with her family. She often asks herself, what are my Future Goals in the Military; would I gain a good future for myself? Being good parent you believed in reliable work and complying the rules on a regular basis. I know as good parents you want to believe that your child or children should be seen and heard. In school for some reason she did not play any sports, she was more of a pretty girl. That’s was one reason why I was so afraid of her going off to the army. I really understand her feeling now, knowing that we could not afford to send her to college. However, I was not completely comfortable with her choice. We did as parents wanted her to go away to college and gain self-determination. Some say that once their child graduated high school they were supposed to