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A purse or wallet is a considered a safe place to store important items such as money and other valuable pieces mostly for finances. For many, if you were to lose your wallet or purse it would a pretty significant issue. Without your wallet you may be missing important items for identification, finances and driving, some people may even have other things like pictures of their children or grandchildren. If you’ve ever lost your wallet or purse you may agree, its a very stressful and rather stressful experience. I Myself, keep anything I may need throughout my everyday life, my drivers license and other important items in my wallet. Usually I am good about carrying my wallet at all times and have never had an issue with it.... until not so long ago. In my wallet, I store important things such as my license, some pictures and other various items. Other things you may find would be, money, gift cards, membership cards, and discount cards to name a few. This summer, I vent on an extended vacation with my family up north, seeing some of the many beautiful parts of our wonderful state. Throughout the majority of the trip I carried my wallet with me, just like I would any other day. That day was a little different, I was wearing an outfit that didn’t have pockets so I was forced to carry my items. I was carrying wallet along with my phone for the majority of the day as we explored the Sleeping Bear Dunes and the shops in near by towns. Next we went to lunch at a local restaurant and I set my wallet and phone down on the seat in the booth. We left and continued down the road for another hour to our next destination, then my mom exclaimed “Bob, give your Uncle Bo a call and let them know we will be there soon” It was right then that I realized, I didn’t have my phone... or my wallet and where I had left them.
Immediately I shouted: “Shit! Mom, I forgot my phone and wallet on the seat at the restaurant!”
At that point in time, we were already seventy five percent of the way to our next destination and it would be a huge ordeal to return back to the restaurant. So after double checking throughout the car in order to insure that I did in fact leave them there we came up with nothing. We called the restaurant to try and see if I did in fact leave them there but they had closed already. We decided the best idea would be to continue to our destination at my aunt and uncles and then stop back at the restaurant when we pass back through that town again. The next day, I called the restaurant in the morning before we left my aunt and uncles house, but when I asked them if they had found my wallet and phone the women on the other end informed me; “I'm sorry but we haven’t found anything” “ You might try calling the Sheriff’s department from Tuskee County” my Aunt exclaimed; “where the restaurant was located!”
When I called the sheriffs department a secretary answered the phone, "Hello, Tuskee sheriffs office how may I help you?” “Hi, Im calling to see if a wallet and phone may have been turned in, I believe I left them at Bobs diner two days ago” “Im sorry sir we have not, but if you can leave your name or a number to which we can contact you, and if we receive anything we can give you