Essay about Research and Theories

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Research and Theories
Terrie Gill
Unit 1 IP

Dear, Police Captain; To start off I would just like to give thanks for my opportunity to join you in your work. As an expert in the Criminal Justice Field, I would like to share my expertise to help you determine a solution to your new citywide crime prevention strategy. The four areas of research theories that I would like to review are deductive, inductive, grounded, and axiomatic.
The first thing I am going to do is give a generalization of the four types of theories that I have provided. The reason for this is so that there can be a basic understanding of each type.
Deductive reasoning takes information that is general and gives it a specific instance. An example of deductive
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This would imply that this is used to protect people from violence and criminal activity to keep them safe before or during the attempts.
Situational crime prevention lessens the opportunities for any criminal to prevent a crime. This theory usually changes criminal thoughts about whether they will be able to get away with a particular crime because the situation may make the crime seem allot harder, and make the crime seem more risky and make them think that they are not going to get anything out of it, by committing this specific crime.
The best way to describe situational crime prevention theory is: officials making buildings and streets safer for everyone by making changes to a specific situation. The public need to ask the police for more help than what they do instead of taking the law into their own hands. If someone is ever in a position that they need to stop a criminal they need to use common sense, such as in neighborhoods, start a neighborhood watch program. But the most important rule of all is working with every agency you can, it is everyone’s job to make crime prevention work. So in all the main theories of any situational crime prevention that everyone should follow are: environmental criminology, rational choice, and lastly routine activities. Honestly if there was not any type of situational crime prevention theory for people to follow they would buy weapons just to protect themselves as well as their home or