Response Paper 1

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Nicole Breland
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February 9, 2015
Response Paper 1
1. This whole article was about Mormon Polygamy. In the article a young lady’s husband gets a divorce from her. This particular girl belonged to the Mormon Church, as did the rest of her family. After her divorce her sister and her husband asked her to join their family. It was very common in the Utah community they lived in. After she agreed to join their family, she realized that the church leadership had asked her sister and her husband to make the offer to her after husband left her, and she knew she had made a mistake accepting it. They church had only made the offer in hopes that she would remain in the church. In the article she goes on to say that some people don’t quite understand why polygamy is such a knee jerk revulsion in the modern world and its because they only think that it is a group of women all wanting to marry the same guy, or the other way around, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal? But in the polygamist culture it’s about the males picking out the girls they want without the girls having much to say about it. Sometimes they are even marrying young children around the ages of 16. She also said in the articles that some of the men in the community were accused and convicted of molesting their children! Plus not on was that happening but when the men would chose their girls there is an unspoken donation that they have to pay for them, the ones that donated got the younger wives. The donations went towards the giant pyramid that they were building. The pyramid had a couple floors, but on top floor was were the temple was located and she says weird ceremonies were held and everyone was forbidden to discuss any part of it outside the temple because you vowed not to discuss it on penalty of death. At the end of the articles she said she realized that the lifestyle wasn’t for her and she left Utah. She got a job nannying on the East Coast. After five years had past her whole family had left the church as well. They not only left the church but they fell away form religion altogether.
2. In this article the researched used is from personal experience (primary source). The young lady lived