Unit 3 Assignment 1 Summary Response Paper

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In the article “Crazy Love” written by Steven Pinker, he wrote the effects that cause the human species to fall in love. Steven Pinker explains the facts on how the Hallmark-card company’s poets invented the meaning of falling in love, or finding true love. Another corporate for the reasons of the sensation of love, might be on how our own body would make us forget of our own ethics and logic, because of human hormones intoxication. He explains the way how the human anatomy has natural hormones. The human hormone oxicoton, or dopamine can intoxicate the body into feeling some type of love euphoria with that special someone.
The article also talks about how humans universally prefer to find someone the smart shopper way of thinking. The smart shopper way of thinking is that an attractive person should look for another attractive person, and that an unattractive person find an unattractive person. This way of thinking is why a lot of relationships to fail, or for a relationship become somewhat stale, or not turn out as they were expecting. The main reason for the article is to give us a broader way of finding a perfect relationship that would not end in a murder case. He states that one way of looking for someone should be for emotional purposes, and not for rational purposes. To me, this makes lots of sense. I totally agree with Steven Pinker’s article Crazy Love. I think the reasons of me going through many failed relationships were because of me looking for rational relationships. I also like the way he said that going for someone attractive, rich, and smart, that I would probably end up single for the rest of my life. This is probably why I have been single for almost two years now. Another way of failing in finding someone would be to settle for someone that falls close but not quite to that description. He wrote that the chances of finding someone even better are very high, which would make you leave that person for the newest desirable someone. I felt that his advice in being