Response Paper 4 Personal Food Diary

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Response paper 4 personal food diary By Shannon Phillips

After writing this down I was honestly quite embarrassed of my eating habits. I did not realize how much non healthy items I consumed. I mean I have thought about it before but it brings it to a whole new light when it’s written on paper. Maybe this will be enough of an eye opener for me to make some changes for me and my family.

Day 1: Kellogg’s rice krispie treat. These are individually wrapped and come in a box that you can buy at the grocery store. The whole box of 6 costs $2.49

Later that day I went to work and for snack I grabbed a package of nabs (peanut butter and crackers) out of my locker. They had originally came from a local convenient store and cost 79 cents.

That night I brought some chicken alfredo leftovers from the night before to Eat while I was at work. I obtained all the ingredients at our family grocery Store and the cost was $27.86 for the ingredients. Ingredients were of course Chicken I had cubed and cooked while boiling the alfredo noodles. Alfredo Sauce consisted of butter, heavy cream, seasoning and shredded parmesan Cheese. It was a regular portion size. Probably about a cup or so.

Day two was a little different story because we were out of town on a women’s shopping trip so it wasn’t a typical day but I thought it might make it more interesting.

Day 2: That morning we stopped at Chick fil a. The group of seven bought a tray of 20 chicken minis (delicious) I ate two myself. The total cost