Responsibility: University and Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility Essay Personal responsibility has a great impact on whether you succeed in college. It is your responsibility to make sure that you live by those standards that you have set for yourself. Many doors will open to you because of this success. The opportunity to provide a better life yourself and/or your family will come easier because of the many doors that succeeding in college will bring. While it is always easier to take the easy way out or come up with excuses as to why you cannot achieve a goal, those excuses or easy way outs will not give you the same results. There is really only one definition to personal responsibility. It is simply to choose right from wrong, whether it be in your education or in life all together. This means you will behave in a way that society has deemed as proper to a given situation. This applies as well to ones career. For example when speaking about an exam, one will try their best to prepare for the exam by studying. Thus taking personal responsibility for the best outcome. To many it means just about the same thing. Also adding that as a provider, personal responsibility takes on another meaning. One whom is choosing to make the right decisions knows ultimately it will affect their children’s future. Choosing to do minimal in school or a career will cause one to fall behind. In a career, one will not get promoted, or it may even cause this person to be laid off and will no longer be able to provide for their children. There are many resources to help one become successful in college. When one has chosen to use those resources they have taken a step towards becoming successful in college, thus showing personal responsibility. If a student has started to fall behind, there are many ways they can receive the help to set them on the right track. The responsibility is the students to find out where they lack and fix it. Setting priorities is something that every student needs to do. If they know they have a big exam coming up. It is up to them to either join a study group or study on their own and ask the professor about any confusions they may have. Setting goals to meet is another great way to succeed in college. Knowing where one stands,