Reunification Of Germany Essay

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Sheldon Jacko
U.S History
30 April 2015 The unexpected downfall of the GDR ( German Democratic Republic ) was caused by the epic downfall of Eastern regimes and the Soviet Union. Mikhail Gorbachev and the soviet union appalled Hocker Regime which was actually by desperation. By 1988 he forbidden circulation with East Germany and by 1989 the berlin wall was in full effect . In the summer of 1989 A reformist hungarian government began allowing Germans from the east escape to the west using the newly opened border austria. Thousands of eastern germans followed this route , while thousands others sought asylums in the western german embassies in Warsaw and Prague . By the end of september , Genscher , who was western germany foreign minister, arranged a passage to western germany, but waves of eastern Germany refugees to their place. After this took place mass demonstrations begin to happen in the streets of leipzig and other eastern german cities demanded reform.In an effort to halt the deterioration of its position, the SED Politburo deposed
Honecker in mid­October and replaced him with another hard­line communist, Egon Krenz.
Under Krenz the Politburo sought to eliminate the embarrassment occasioned by the flow of refugees to the West through Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. On the evening of
November 9, Gunter Schabowski, a communist functionary, mistakenly announced at a televised news conference that the government would allow East