Revenue Assessment

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To: Northwind Traders
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Date: 11/20/2012
Re: Revenue Assessment
Thank you for the opportunity to assess your sales data in order to provide recommendations for increasing your sales. The analysis and recommendations below are based on the data you provided, which covers a period from May 2004 through June 2006. The analysis below is based on this data alone. Therefore, our recommendations should be tempered by your knowledge of business realities and your market. Please let us know if we can answer any questions concerning the analysis or the recommendations provided.
ANALYSIS 1 Sales per Country
By compiling the total net sales obtained per country, we can determine which one represent are highest sales volume. Please see below chart. It’s clear that USA, Austria and Germany represent 50% of our total market.


Our marketing strategies should focus one two main objectives: The first is to assure our dominance as the main market share holders in the identified top three countries. For those countries with a performance below 5%, we should consider either trying to increase sales (if determined feasible) or seek business ventures or opportunities that would lead to a greater return of investment (sell market rights, product placement in competitor stores, amount others).

ANALYSIS 2 Product Performance in Mayor Markets

Analysis From the above, an analysis was done on USA, Germany and Austria on which product types represent our greater sales revenue. It was determined that beverages and dairy products are our main revenue generators. See below chart for greater details.

Recommendation Perform a market analysis to determine main competitors in these two product segments, and seek to increase market exposure. On a secondary objective, determine any possible cost savings from our lower performing (but still profitable) from our product portfolio, like outsourcing distribution cost and