What Are Examples Of Events That Influenced The Journey Of Your Chosen Book

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Year 11- Structuring a Review:


By line


• Optional – Introductory quote to establish a social context (link one of the major themes of the novel to readers’ lives; drink driving, institutional living, family trauma etc…) E.g. In a time when… J.C. Burke brings us a novel which…

• Introduce the title and author and the overall theme of the novel (Individual finding their way)

• Thesis statement that establishes your opinion of the author’s attempt to write a story of “the individual” including how the narrative conventions of plot and characterisation, in conjunction with addressed social issues will be explored to convince your reader of your thesis.

Body Paragraphs:

1. Plot

Give a brief (2-3 sentences) summary of the plot without specific details/events

What are examples of events that occurred in the novel that influenced the journey of your chosen character?

How will readers respond to these events as being authentic representations of individuals in society?

Praise/condemn the author for her construction of the plot – discuss plot features such as linear vs non-linear plot, suspense and resolution, and how readers will respond to them.

2. Interaction with other characters

a. Introduce the main character and how realistically they are portrayed as someone dealing with challenges to identity.

b. Make links with other key characters that align with their plight. How is the journey of your chosen character(s) influenced by their interactions with the supporting characters?

c. Evaluate the strength/weakness of the novel in relation to the range of characters involved.

d. What can readers learn from the