Essay on Risk taking

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The importance of risk taking

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Ahuntsic College Wednesday 2 October 2013
People nowadays practice a lot of different activities in different domains like sport, commerce, etc. Some of these activities are just for fun and others have goal. In some cases this goal is achieved easily but sometimes it needs more practice or work to accomplish. In rare cases it demands more than hard work to get the work done. People should take dangerous risks in their lives
In the first place, we can discover new thing by taking risks. In the past 50 years humans did not know very much about nuclear and then the physician Albert Einstein made a huge discovery in the human history. It was not the best thing that happened in our history but it made a difference and this discovery was the atomic bomb. How can this be a good thing? Well after the incident of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, people start wondering about the power of it and what can use it for, so they started making researches about the nuclear technology and now it is used to cure cancer, make electricity and many other things useful in life.
Furthermore, the most fun activities are the risky ones. In our daily life we do a lot of different activities, well it