Rog Essay About Friends

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Martha u must be joking if u honestly think talking to me ur leading me on. I wouldn’t even think of you in that way whilst Charlie is going out with you. Come on do u honestly think im that sort of guy who would try and steal u away from the guy u love? Friendship would be the most amazing thing u could give me and if u would be my friend properly it would be great. And u have to understand that me and Charlie may not get on but then u need to leave that to us and I promise that I’ll try sort it between him and me so u can be happier with that. I don’t like him atm because of what he does in the way that he won’t let us be friends. I mean come on if my girlfriend wanted to go see a mate of hers who she had known for longer than me I’d let her coz I’d know she’d still be with me and maybe that’s what I need to explain to Charlie that we are just friends. And if you want me to be happy then just let me be there for you as an old friend who you could tell anything to and that I’d understand coz I would. My mum for example once met this guy Justin at a bar and ever since they’ve been great friends and my dad knows that. Maybe I just need to meet up with Charlie and chat coz that’s the only way I can see us being friends and you finally being fully happy with ‘the situation’

Do u think that he’s the only one that would be there for you? And everyone would take a bullet for someone they cared about that’s the point of caring for someone no matter what. U can’t change the past