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Your questions answered about…..

1. …the research and origins of the HRPM a. What is the HRPM?

The CIPD HR Profession Map comprehensively sets out how HR adds the greatest sustained value to the organisation it operates in, now and in the future. It describes the highest standards of professional competence to deliver sustained performance for the organisation.

It captures what successful and effective HR people do and deliver across every aspect and specialism of the profession, and sets out the required underpinning skills, behaviour and knowledge.

Covering 10 professional areas and 8 behaviours, set out in 4 bands of competence, the HRPM covers every level of the HR profession: from Band
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This reflected their strategies in practice in their organisations – building D&I into normal business and HR policies, practice and measures. So, all the professional areas and behaviours should be read with this in mind.

We are by no means sidelining either D&I, or those who work as specialists within it – we are broadening the expectation that this is the responsibility of all in HR, and indeed, the business.

f. How is international HR covered in the HRPM (why is there no professional area to cover it)?

As with diversity (see question 1e), ‘international HR’ was part of every professional area in our research organisations, so we have developed globally transferable capabilities – which will of course at times need to be supplemented by local, technical capabilities. Market by market, depending upon the organisation and its operating context, different area of the map will have disproportionate importance (eg talent management in high pressure, acute talent shortage markets etc).

g. What is the difference between our old ‘professional standards’ and the HRPM?

The CIPD professional standards in 2007 were a set of educational assessment standards that our qualifications were based on.