Roles And Functions Paper

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Roles and Functions Paper
Natasha Pierre
October, 06, 2014
Ms. Kelli Reid

Roles and Functions Paper
In today society health care managers plays a major role in the health care system. Health care manager is a person that is in charge of running a medical office or a department within a hospital (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2009). In the health care field, there is manager’s experience many opportunities and challenges on any given work day. A nursing aide (CNA) is a health is a healthcare professional who provides health care services to patients and facility residents.
Since planning is a very important part in the health care sector, health care managers are expected to be able foresee any transformations that may happened in the health care field. For example, if a disease like the Ebola virus which is an infectious generally fatal disease marked by server internal bleeding, spread through contact with infected body fluids by a filovirus. Therefore preparation is very important part for any health care manager simply because it entails long term aspects. With the way our society is going right now we need our health care managers to be on top of their game and keep us ahead of the game so we all can be ready for something like this if it does come to the states.
The first focus is diversity, managers tasked are with helping everyone reach his or her full potential, ensuring that each person has equality when contributing, participating, and advancing within the organization. Accountability is on the outcome of goals either achieved or failed, and requires that one person always has to answer to another for that failure or accomplishment. Finally, quality of work life is a manager’s duty and ensures that all employees receive fair pay, work in safe conditions, recognizes strengths and talents, provides opportunity to improve or learn new skills, protects rights of each individual, and instills pride in the