Essay about Roman Empire and Greco-roman Civilization

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Jordan Davis 6-30-14
Greco-Roman AP Euro The Greco-Roman civilization is known as the foundation of all western civilization such as, the United States, Europe and other country's that have westernized. There are very important components to the Greco-Roman civilization known as language, culture, government and religion. A component of the Greco-Roman civilization as said earlier is language. The language was very important and universal at the time. The language of the Greco-Roman civilization who was a man accomplishments, whatever their ethnic differences, spoke and wrote in Greek and/or Latin. The reason the language is so universal is the reason being all the men that are once again of any accomplishments speek and write in Greek and/or Latin. For example Greco-Egyptian mathematician and geographer Claudius Ptolemy was a Roman citizen and spoke Latin and Josephus Flavius was Jewish but he also wrote and spoke in Greek and was a Roman citizen. Unquestionably government is another component of the Greco-Roman civilization. Similar to modern America the Greco-Romans use three branches of government, they carry out laws through their executive branch and the legislative branch passes laws. The leader was chosen by the popular vote, voted by the society. But the Greco-Romans belived that only Roman citizens are to be considered people and treated as people. Greeks considered those outside of Athens to be ignorant and not worth their time. So they have reserved their government between themselves not allowing anyone other than themselves be accepted into their government. Lastly religion amd culture are both a significant part of the Greco-Roman civilization. Ancient Greeks and Romans worshipped many gods and goddesses meaning they were polytheistic. Romans and Greeks believed that