Roman: Greco Roman Empire Essay

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The Greco Roman Empire refers to the geographical regions and countries that were directly, influenced by language, culture, government, and religion of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Roman had supernatural sanctions to support the rule. By the first century they began to regard their deceased emperors as gods and established religious cults to strengthen the authority of living emperors. The Roman Empire offered a king of assimilation to its subject peoples. The empire granted Roman citizenship to various individuals, families, or whole communities for their service to the empire. Roman citizenship was a gift for almost all the free people of the empire. There were various elements of the Roman culture that attracted Western Europe like it had various buildings, their religious rituals, Latin Language, and their style of city language. Rome began as a small city-state on the western side of central Italy in the eighth century B.C.E, they were weak, according to legend, and the Romans were reduced to kidnapping neighboring women in order to reproduce. Eventually Rome became the center of an enormous imperial state surrounded the Mediterranean basin and included parts of continental Europe, Britain, North Africa, and the Middle East. In 509 B.C.E the Romans threw off the monarchy and established a republic in which the wealthy class, known as patricians, dominated. Executive authority was exercised by two consuls, who were advised by patricians, led to important changes in Roman political life. During the first two centuries the empire provided security, grandeur and relative