Rome: Roman Empire and Han China Essay example

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The Roman Empire ran from 753 B.C.E to 600C.E and stretched from Britain and Germany to North Africa and the Persian Gulf. After 395 it was split into the Byzantine Empire and the Western Roman Empire, which quickly sank into anarchy because of the barbarian invaders from the north and east. Han China ran from 221B.C.E to 220 C.E it stretched from all over eastern China to several territories to the west. Although the Romans and Han empires used powerful militaries and infrastructure to control the peasants and to scare off invasions, they differed in the structure and organization of their bureaucracies and the control that the emperors had over the governors of the states. One similarity of the Roman and Chinas government was to provide order and a system of control to the people, which was difficult because they empires were so stretched out. The Roman did this by creating a republic, were the sovereign power resided in and assembly of male citizens (votes of wealthy men counted for more than the votes of the poor men). But the real center of power was the Senate which was council members and they were an advisory body to the early kings/emperors. Han China had a Confucian form of government was based on the belief that good government was dependent upon consent of the people, and not by force. In Roman and Han China emperor’s claimed their right to rule as a divine right, handed down to them from the gods. They believed they were chosen and sent to rule the people