Romeo And Juliet Character Analysis

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They said that forever doesn’t exist, but the two lovers, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet proved them wrong. Because they sacrifice everything they had in order to continue their love story. Despite of having a long feud between the Montagues and Capulets, they still choose not to set aside their feelings to each other. Because both of them believe that, if you love someone, you can conquer all the problems and you can surpass the boundaries that you’ll be encounter, definitely with the person you truly love. This story is all about the endless love story of the two lovers and how they can overpower those conflicts just to have their love story a happy ending. Is it a happy ending? No, but too close to consider their ‘finale’ as a happy ending. It may not be a happy ending, but at least we assure that Romeo and Juliet will continue their unbounded love …show more content…
The two of them are the heirs of their own families, with an ultimate quarrel, and in the town of Verona, Montagues and Capulets considered themselves as great rivals. Their story isn’t complete without the other characters that have also a big role. Benvolio, Romeo’s cousin and he’s the one that Romeo trusted the most, with also a good friend of Romeo, Mercutio. Lord and Lady Montagues, Romeo’s parents, Lord and Lady Capulets, Juliet’s parents, are involved. The Nurse is the one that was assigned to take care and assist Juliet in every decision that she’s making. Friar Laurence, the priest that helped them and guided them. And obviously, in every love story, there are antagonists. Those persons who are against in the main characters’ love story and they also the reason why the protagonist experiencing pain and being hurt. Both of their parents don’t want them for each other. Tybalt, he’s a cousin of Juliet who had also a hunger to get Juliet. Paris, Juliet’s fiancé, Juliet’s parents agreed to marry their daughter to