Rules of the Comma Essay

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Comma Usage
By Vivian Sinou


Rule 1: Commas are needed to separate items in a series
The dinner included an appetizer soup
, or salad and
, dessert.
I enjoy running ,cycling ,and hiking.
My job is challenging ,educational and
 Note: This rule applies to three or more items.

Rule 2: Place a comma between two descriptive words only if they are interchangeable. She is a bright , intelligent woman.
It was a beautiful,sunny day.
He has a small red car.
(small and red are not interchangeable)

Rule 3: The comma separates an introductory phrase from the
Dr. Smith lack
, of physical of thetosentence.

activity will affect your total physique.
In my view ,television is the major cause of youth violence.
Judging from her looks I figured she must
be about twenty years old.

Rule 4: If you begin a sentence with a dependent word, make sure you complete it by separating the first part from the second with a comma.
 After I graduated from high school, I attended an American Language School in Athens.
 When we finish this presentation , you will have a chance to practice these rules.
 Since it was snowing heavily , classes were cancelled. Remember these dependent words:
 After
 Although
 As
 As if
 Because
 Before
 Being
 Even if

 Even though
 If
 Since
 Unless
 Until
 When
 Whenever
 While

Every time you start a sentence with one of these dependent words, you must separate the first part of the sentence second with a comma., I
I reviewed the curriculum decided to discuss the matter with a counselor. Rule 5: Set off by commas words or phrases that interrupt the flow of the rest of the sentence.
Hemingway, a_____________________ sentimental man, hardly ever threw anything away.
_______, is very eccentric.
My sister, Anna

Rule 6: Use a comma to separate two complete sentences joined with any these connecting words: and, or, of
I knew I was going to be somewhat late , nor, yet,expect for, soroad construction. but Ibut, did not
All the house plants died , for they had not been watered in weeks.