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“Why the Russian Monarchy Fell”
The Revolution of March 1917 was without a doubt the consequence of the monarchy. It was necessary to preserve the country from the subsequent anarchy and from the despotic terrorism of the Bolsheviks. But all the attempts were too late. The dissolution of monarchy caused the fall of the Romanov dynasty. The collapse of the government could have been avoided if there had been a well organized palace revolution no later than the winter of 1916, which would free the influence of Rasputin on the Empress Alexandra.
In January of 1917 in Russia began the final dissolution of all economic and administrative bonds of the State. Only when the Imperial Duma decided to assume control, the already complete collapse of the monarchy called forth a revolution which no one had prepared or foreseen. The revolution wasn’t prepared by anyone, the Russian people suddenly itself without any sovereign power and without a government. Russia was in a middle of a war, which made the situation even worse. There was a belief that the World War was beyond Russia’s strength and that was what brought the fall of monarchy, the failure of the revolution and the triumph of the Bolsheviks. The Bolshevist dictatorship brought Russia to the greatest poverty. Before beginning of the Great War there was no legitimate reason that would push Russia to the War. However the foreign policy of the Government brought Russia to War. Russia was following the diplomatic paths of other great powers; however there was a huge difference in the area of diplomacy. For example the diplomacy of England or France was based on their parliament, but Russian diplomacy didn’t have any ideas about the real feelings of the majority of the population. The war of 1914 broke out exactly at the time when Russia was on the peak of a political crisis, which required a radical change in the foreign policy of Russia.
The period between the Japanese War and the World War was in Russian by development of industry and the whole national economy. The Japanese War itself led to the constitution of 1905 and the summons of the Imperial Duma. All of this development aroused great anxiety in the European countries, especially in Germany.
Before the War began in Russia there were developed an extremely serious workers’ movements, It came to the point that there had already begun open conflicts with the police and barricades were put up. It seemed like a serious revolutionary movement, but as…