Russian Revolution Essay

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The following essay will provide an overview of the video Freedom and Hope. Information will be provided that will explain the challenges that Lenin faced after the October Revolution as well as the goals that he had and choices he faced in the aftermath of the revolution. The video starts out by stating that the Russian Revolution changed the world forever and how almost overnight an entire society was almost destroyed. In the beginning screaming people and echoes of gunshots filling the air one third of the world was living in fear of communism. This video is based on the accounts of sailors of the vanguard. In the beginning the Russian emperor was forced to abdicate after a revolution had begun after bread shortages caused tensions to rise. In October Lenin and the Bolshevik party who forced their way into power. Excited about the possibility of a new society and a better way of life that was promised by Lenin, the sailors along with many others fought hard for the revolution. Many of the sailors began to get discouraged, because although Lenin told them that a few hardships would be necessary in order to reach their goal, many men were put in jail and many others lost their lives and those that were left began to question if it was worth it in the end. Eventually support for the party began to fade as well as belief in the leadership of Lenin. During one of his crusade, Lenin was visiting a factory in Moscow and a female worker with a banned terrorist group shot…