Safe Haven Essay

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I propose a program called "Safe Haven" which help individual who are being diagnosed with a mental illness know that there are programs to assist them in adjusting. With the help of volunteers, communities and health care workers we may have a way to help individuals continue with normal daily activities while maintaining and controlling their illness. If each major city in the United States made the effort to provide a “safe haven” for individuals that suffers from a mental illness we would be able to assist 1000’s of people and help them live a “normal life” again. I believe that this is a good thesis statement because it is not to broad of a topic and it allows me to pinpoint certain areas that could be helped. As for a research strategy, I have already found quite a few that are organizations that try to spread the word for help. There are government websites and agencies that would be able to be used to direct interested investors to get funding. I may also be able to find a few interviews from doctors who specialize in that area to include in the paper. As a child of a parent who suffers from a mental illness I am coming to you to ask for assistance in working on a project to offer assistance for individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental illness. Every year there are 1000’s of new individuals diagnosed which still leave the 1000’s who are already diagnosed and struggling to live a normal life. My “big idea” is to provide a form of “safe haven”…