Examples Of Sales Management

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Sales Management Example
Next month you are going to be hired to the position of sales director (CSO) at IT Company. At the moment you work in telecommunications. Your new company is offering professional solutions for computer and networking systems, business solutions, support and consultancy. You are in B2B environment. Your clients are from Telecommunications, Finance, Manufacturing, Energy suppliers and Retail. You have 50 people in sales throughout the Adriatic region. How are you going to analyze current sales management practice in your new company (which areas will you check, what questions will you ask, list of priorities)?
Please list the main aspects of sales management you are going to check in the first 3 months, priorities
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What are the main strengths and weaknesses of our Company, products/services, our opportunities and threats?

6. The marketing mix
In order to set the proper marketing program, the following elements need to be well defined and communicated:
1. Price: what are the price levels, credit terms, changes, discounts? How do pricing decisions affect selling?
2. Product: what are the features, packaging, quality, range?
3. Promotion: what is the usual/ optimal combination of advertising, publicity, sales promotion, personal selling, and sponsorship for different products?
4. Place: what are the inventory, channels of distribution, number of intermediaries?
7. Segmentation of clients/ products
Well defined segmentation and targeting are important for clear identification of market opportunities and analysis of gaps in a market, the design of product and market appeals tuned to the needs of the market, and for focusing of marketing and sales efforts on those segments with the greatest potential.

Which clients and which products bring the most profit. Which bring us loss? Which products are important for cross selling even if they bring loss?
How much resource do we invest in each segment? Do they return the investment?
What are the most attractive segments of