Same-Sex Marriage Research Paper

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Same-Sex Marriage
Alicia Rushlow
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Essay #1 Position Essay

When someone says “marriage” most individuals spontaneously assume it is between a man and a woman, would you agree? While most of the general public contemplates what an ideal “marriage” consists of. A man and a woman proclaiming vows and dedicating their lives to one other is what most create into most their minds. Well, this is only partially accurate in most circumstances. Additionally, in the society today marriage has gathered different forms; such as a marriage between a man and a woman, between a woman and a woman, or between a man and a man. Moreover, why should it be prohibited to love someone and want to join in matrimony with them, just for the reason that it is not what most people accept as true? Same-sex marriage should be acknowledged all over the worlds because it would decrease the divorce rate, it can help more children to get adopted and most important “civil unions” are not the same as a marriage!

Allowing same-sex couples the chance to get married will increase marriage rates because a lesser amount of couples will get divorced due to unsuitability or unproductiveness. Legalizing same-sex marriage will decrease the divorce rate because it merely cannot get any worse than it is already is. There would be fewer divorces due to some heterosexuals feeling as though they may be trapped having to marry someone of the opposite sex. Additionally, allowing same-sex couples to marry would all in all reduce the divorce rate because there would be more couples in love. A prime example is “The divorce rate for every 1,000 people in the total population was about 2.2 in Massachusetts in 2004; in 2010 the divorce rate was 2.5, the second lowest rate in the country behind Iowa, another state that allows same-sex marriage” (Aldridge, 2012). Lastly, in this day and age there are more and more same -sex couples coming out and wanting to have the same rights as everyone else, why should it be any different from a heterosexual couple? Next, allowing same-sex marriage could increase the number of children being adopted. In addition, any couple willing to adopt a child is obviously wanting to have a family to love and care for, it is as simple as that; and that is why same- sex couples feel as though they should have that right as well! Additionally, people believe that the children will grow up to be gay, or different from any normally raised child, if they do not grow up in a “normal” family. Furthermore, many opponents against gay marriage have fears that if it is legalized, it will change the way marriage is looked at and the importance will be gone. As a result, “It is commonly misunderstood that children placed in same-sex households will face problems as a direct result of their parents’ sexual orientation” ("LGBT Adoption Advantages," 2013). The way marriage is looked at has already been changed, drastically. Moreover, there are quite a few explanations why homosexuals feel strongly about wanting to be officially married. One reason that is most frequently perceived is same-sex couples want to rightfully show their love for each other by having a marriage license.

Furthermore, being able to adopt children that are in foster care or have no families can have a greater chance of having a mother or father, mother and mother or father and father. A number of individuals may say that the typical circumstances for children to be raised, in are with an affectionate heterosexual couple. Nevertheless of the circumstance that this may not be wrong, it is not realism. As a result, having every child adopted would be great if everyone had a loving mother and father, but how many children are being raised by single parents because one parent took off, or have a mother and father but are abandoned or mistreated? It appears irrational to even recommend that it would be more of