Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Maggie Mohr Mohr 1
November 2, 2012
Period: 4B
Ms. McArdle
Gay Marriage As of September 12, 2012, 11 out of 194 countries allow same - sex marriage and 41 states that have banned same – sex marriage. Homosexuals are no different from heterosexuals in my mind; people are people. Some scientists think that people become gay because of a gene. People are people and should all have the same rights and be able to get married. There is a law that says there needs to be a separation between church and state. If people say that homosexuals shouldn’t get married because it’s not what “god” intended for us, that would not be equal for everyone. Not everyone believes in god, so the people that do shouldn’t make everyone think the same as them. At the church where my parents got married, the church banned one kid because he wrote a letter to the priest saying that the Catholic Church should be nicer to the gays. I personally do not like people who are very closed minded. The West Burrow Baptist church is also a little extreme when it comes to the topic of homosexual marriage. They have a website called “”, and they go to schools with a higher level of homosexual students and staff and tell them that they are all “going to hell.” I think they are very arrogant; what have homosexuals done to get that treatment?

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A lot have people who are against gay marriage also complain that same sex marriage is going to ruin traditional marriage. I am not really sure how same sex marriage is ruining traditional marriage when there are some people who get married for publicity and not actual love. Brittney Spears went to Las Vegas and got married to Jason Alexander. Their marriage lasted for 55 hours. It is unfair when marriages like that are recognized, but homosexual relationships aren’t. As said by Ellen DeGeneres “Some day I hope that when Portia and I can get married, it will be for love not for a contract” (Ellen DeGeneres show). Some scientists believe that you could have a gene that could make people a homosexual. Some conservatives argue that homosexuals choose to be gay. “Hamer had just published a study that claimed not only to have finally proved that male homosexuality was at least partially genetic but also to have pinpointed the stretch of chromosome where one of the genes involved resided” ( According to discover magazine, twins have a higher chance of being gay, especially if one is already gay because twins share the same genes. This “gay gene” was supposed to have made peoples hormones go out of control more than normal. Whether there is a gene that makes people a homosexual or not, people should be accepted for who they are. Gay Marriage is not to promote popular opinion but the rights of citizens. “The history of gay marriages dates back to 1061 where a priest married two men in a church in Spain, yet there is constant opposition from devoted Christians” (Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized). The laws that were placed were not giving everyone equal rights, especially since there is a law separating the state and church. The laws placed were contradicting the separation of state and church since
Mohr 3 the laws were placed because of the teachings of the Bible. Non supporters of gay marriage argue that homosexuals can’t procreate, but we