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Should Same Sex Marriage be Legal?

PHI 103: Informal Logic

Professor Steven Matthews

August 19, 2013

Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legal? Over the past decade, the acceptance of homosexuality has grown, causing many differences in the society and government. Prohibiting the acknowledgement of a union between same sex couples affect not only their happiness, but also benefits that include insurance, social security, etc. Even though I consider myself a Christian and have never had a physical relationship with someone of the same sex, I do believe that same sex couples should have the right to marry whomever they wish. I feel that marriage is a personal decision and that affects only the two people involved and therefore, should not be prohibited by discriminatory legislation that limits their freedoms strictly because of their sexual orientation. Many have come out in support of same sex marriage including homosexuals as well as heterosexuals. Many believe they are entitled to the same rights that are extended to opposite sex couples and I count myself among them. Many people view marriage as a union between a man and a woman simply because that is how it has been defined throughout history. Up until recently, people weren't open about being gay and even went as far as entering marriage with the opposite sex to dispel suspicion regarding their sexual orientation. It seems that people are more concerned about image than about the right for someone to be happy with the person they want to spend their life with. It doesn't make sense that someone would rather be miserable than reveal who they truly are, but it happens more than people realize. A benefit homosexuals would have by being able to marry is the same as heterosexuals by being able to get benefits from work for their significant other. When thinking about it, it is easy to see that it is not right that a married couple is allowed to get all these spousal benefits simply because their union is recognized. It does not seem fair that just because someone is homosexual that they are denied being allowed to have their partners benefits because of someone's discriminatory views on their lifestyle. A couple that is together through good and bad should be able to have that financial support should they need it . Homosexual couples rely on each other emotionally, financially, and physically just as a same sex couple does. The fact that they are considered "abnormal" by some seem to be their motivating factor in denying them the same rights afforded to same sex couples. Many people view marriage as uniting a man and a woman together because that is the only way that marriage has been viewed in the past. Just a few decades ago people were not open about being gay and there was a lot of stereotyping regarding their lifestyle. People who are homosexual are thought to be promiscuous and unable to form long term relationships, which is simply not the case. As it has been more accepted we have come to realize that gay relationships are exactly like that of relationships with opposite sex, both homosexual and heterosexual face the same joys and challenges. Both homosexual and heterosexual relationships both have their promiscuous relationships as well as ones that last a lifetime. Many homosexual couples have actually started families by adoption or in many cases, females have in vitro fertilization done. As a country we have grown a lot in the last century as far as civil rights and making sure that everyone is treated equally. One of the primary reasons so many Americans are against same sex marriages is because it conflicts with their religion and/or their beliefs. This arguments seems to be the driving force behind many who find it objectionable. It is written in the Bible that it is a sin to have relations with someone of the same sex in certain Old Testament verses and that if God would of