Same-sex Marriage Essay

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Tom Davenport
Week 5 Assignment
Shana Goodson
February 18, 2013

Homosexuals should be able to marry. This is a hard paper to write because I do not think they should, but I will argue why they should be able to which will not be based on my opinion. If two people love each other it should not matter if they are two men or two women, love is love and should be recognized as love. Marriage is not the same as it used to be and it is both legitimate and necessary, in lieu of the changes in mankind, to examine if marriage, which existed unchanged for thousands of years, means the same thing these days. I firmly believe Homosexuals should be able to marry.
Denying same-sex couples the right to marry stigmatizes gay and lesbian families as inferior and sends the message that it is acceptable to discriminate against them. (Nate Silver, Divorce Rates Higher in States with Gay Marriage Bans Jan. 12, 2010) We are a different world today then we were in ancient times. If things were still the same as they used to be then maybe I could fight that it is wrong to be married to the same gender, as I would disagree biblically if we still lived with the same morals and values as we did when marriage was more about one man and one woman. Do I think that has changed to GOD, not at all, but I think it would be easier to fight that it is ok now for same sex marriages then it is to say it is not in today’s time, and I will explain more why in this paper.
The United States of America has a divorce rate of 4.95 per 1,000 people, making it #1 in the world according to Nation master. This is based on a woman and a man being married. This is a sad rate, and goes to show you, that if couples can’t stay married anymore based on Christianity and what the bible says then how can we deny same sex couples to marry, when we as woman and men can’t even stay together as a couple. If we try to preach what the bible says which is that we are only to marry once, then we are not sticking with the bible in today’s time, so how can we tell the same sex couples that the bible is against it so they shouldn’t do it.
Our entire culture is so different and technology has changed so much to such an extent that we are required to rethink our option of what kind of relationships we can have and to retest our views of marriage as to what it is now, and what it means. Marriage is not the same as it used to be Marriage is believed to be a fairy tale like what we see in movies, and marriage is not its reality.
Many times men and women act a way and as soon as they get married the truth comes out.
People are unwilling to fix the slightest of problems. They say that when money isn't around a married spouse isn't willing to stick around. Bottom line is People don't take their vows seriously anymore.
Gays have been discriminated against and persecuted for centuries just because they have a different way of expressing their love for someone else. Being gay doesn't mean that a person is un-American, or unpatriotic. Gay people are citizens of this country and should enjoy the same rights under the constitution as their heterosexual brethren. The constitution was written for all our citizens, not just heterosexuals It is cruel to deny marriage to two people who are in a loving relationship just because they are of the same gender.
Marriage should be about love between two people. Marriage should be a fundamental right for all our citizens and not just for the majority who happen to be heterosexual. Our laws should be for all people, not just for the majority. Under our laws, minorities need protection from the majority.
Denying homosexuals their rights under rule of law is to do great damage to the individual. It is humane to treat some people as less than human just because you disagree with their lifestyle? No one is asked to approve of the way your neighbor lives. Being law abiding citizens should be the criteria as to who should be married. Even prisoners are