Same Sex Marriages/ Relationships Essay

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Fighting For Same Sex Marriages and Relationships All in the news there has been people protesting for gay rights. As of now we have thirteen states that permit same sex marriages. In the sports world athletes are coming out about their sexuality. Even in music they are showing support to those that fight for the right of being with the one they love even if they are the same sex as them. The music artist Macklamore did a song with Ryan Lewis entitled, ‘Same Love’; dedicated to those that are in the fight to get national laws passed to permit these marriages. This issue has caught the attention of the nation thanks to the celebrities that are keeping the issues relevant. People such as, Lady GaGa, Anderson Cooper, and Jason Collins came out revealing their sexual orientation. Protesters that are living through this everyday fight are another reason for the mass media attention to this issue. This is such a big issue because it is a fight between right and wrong and both sides believe they are right. Many people are affected by this situation because of the problems it causes within the family. Same sex marriages not only test the strength of the love; but they test the bravery and courage of a person, and usually affects all the people surrounded by it. When a person realizes their sexual orientation it is difficult for them to come out and tell people they want to be in a same sex relationship. The difficulty comes from the way people, who are already known of, are treated. Name calling, rejection, and how family might view them is very important and a sensitive topic. Hate crimes have been around for years and since same sex relationships started, have been targeting those associated with it. Of course hate crimes are illegal, but they don’t stop people from committing them. Gay bashing and the loose use of the word ‘gay’ take the toll of people associated with it. Many have lost their lives because of their sexual orientation. That alone can affect a person’s mental state who is interested in same sex marriages. It makes it difficult for them to express who they really are. For a person to know that their options are keep quiet and live the rest of your life in a lie; or be comfortable with yourself, come out and be ridiculed for the rest of your life. People in heterosexual relationships don’t have this problem to worry about.
When a boy finds a girl attractive he usually approaches her and they start to talk. The talking will then turn into the exchange of numbers and then that turns into phone conversations. After a while they will meet up for a date and if it’s good they will meet up for another. If this keeps up then the boy and girl will end up dating. After dating for a while it may or may not work, and if it doesn’t the process starts over again; however, if it does boyfriend and girlfriend become husband and wife have a family and prepare their kids to go through the same process when ready. No hassle, right? Well try the same process but instead of boy meets girl we have a boy meet a boy. This is when the issue becomes a national “problem”. Let’s say the boy and boy makes it to the boyfriend stage in our process. This is when the courage of the person is tested. Even before then at the first stage of the boy approaching another, courage gets tested. Due to the possible rejection or the reaction of others, strength is needed when not just coming out with your sexuality but continuing on with it. Continuing on with your sexual reference tests the love between the two partners. Husband cheating on his wife can test the strength of her love for her husband. In many cases man and women in a marriage get tested daily. Does she wear her ring? Does he come home on time? Little things as such can cause some problems but at the end of the day nothing is as controversial as a same sex marriage being tested. In a heterosexual marriage it is the actions of the man testing the woman or vise verse. In a