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Summary Background
Capitol: Kabul, located on the Kabul River.
Land and Climate: Four Major Rivers (Anu Dary, Kabul, Helmand, Hari Rud)
Stately Facts: In the Middle East. Below Pakistan. Close to the Arabian Sea, the largest body of water close to Afghanistan.
Population: About 27 million
Languages: Approximately 32. Major languages consist of Dari, a form of Persian, Pashto, spoken by Pashtuns, and close Turkic languages.
Religion: Islam is what the Majority (BIG Majority) celebrates. But they separate. 84% are Sunni Muslims. 15% are Shi’i Muslims
Republic of Armenia
Summary Background
Capitol: Yerevan
Land and Climate: Armenia is ‘On the Rocks’ geographically. Slightly smaller than Maryland. One-third of the land is Pasture Land. No major rivers in this rocky terrain, but all the small tiny attributes collide into one of the world’s largest mountain lake: Lake Sevan. Climate is cold, snowy winters and dry, hot summers.
Population: 3.3 million but most Armenians live outside instead of inside in search for jobs.
Stately Facts: In the Middle East. Next to the Caspian Sea, above Iran, and next to Turkey
Languages: Hayeren, Armenian, is the official language but Russian and English are becoming rapidly popular.
Religion: Christianity is the official religion.
Words to remember:
Barev or Barevdzez- Hello. Literally it means ‘Let good be with you.’ Vonts es? - How are you?
Republic of Azerbaijan
Summary Background
Capitol: Baku
Land and Climate: Slightly larger than the state of Maine, South of Russia. Next to the Caspian Sea. It forms most of Azerbaijan’s eastern border. Two major rivers (Kür and Araz).
Population: Currently 7.8 Million, 90% is Azeri. Almost all Armenians live here too.
Religion: Used to be solidly Islamic, but after the Soviet era it split into Christian Orthodox, Islam, Jews, and so forth.
Languages: Its official language closely resembles Turkish, but Russian and Azeri are very close to being official too.
Salam- Peace or hello. Nejasiniz? – How are you?
Kingdom of Bahrain
Summary Background
Capital: Manama
Land and Climate: Consists of 33 islands but only 3 are populated. Manama (The largest island), Sitra, and Muharraq. This is the whole polar opposite of Armenia. Most of the unpopulated islands are usually underwater during high tide. On the bright side this gives plenty of oyster beds and fish to eat. The climate is usually hot n’ humid and in winter it might only go down to about 54¤F.
Population: 656,397 but is growing at 17 each year
Religion: Everyone is Muslim, meaning ‘submitting to the will of Allah (God)’
Languages: Arabic, English, and Farsi.
Stately Facts: Off the coast of The Gulf of Oman, and next to Saudi Arabia.
Assalam alikum – Hello
Zain, al-Humdulillah – Good
Bangladesh Wasi Sami and Samin Shakoor
Capitol: Dhaka
Land and Climate: Largest rivers are the Padda (Ganges), Jamuna, and Meghna. About the same size as Wisconsin. A regulated-climate country.
Population: 133.4 Million but grows 1.6% annually.
Religion: One of the largest Muslim populations in the world, almost no other religion in Bangladesh.
Languages: Bangla, the official language of Bangladesh, is a mix between Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, Turkic, and English vocabulary.
Stately Facts: Above the Indian Ocean, next to India but below China.
WaSi and Samin: Cricket and field hockey.
Kingdom of Bhutan
Capitol: Thimphu
Land and Climate: Beautiful. There is about part of everything there. Tropical jungles, Highland Pastures, temperate forests, dry scrub, and glaciated mountain peaks are all there. It is a moderated-climate country.
Population: Estimated 690,000 but growing at 2% annually.
Religion: Buddhism
Languages: Dzongkha is the official language.
Stately Facts: Directly below China, above Bangladesh and next to Nepal.
Kuzuzangpo? – Is your body well?
Gate jo-ni mo? – Where are you going?
Namaste – Hello or Yes