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Why do we draw samples in marketing?

What is a sampling frame? a list of the items or people forming a population from which a sample is taken.

What are the steps in drawing a sample?
1. Define population
Bases for Defining Population
Usage Rate
2. Choose data collection method
3. Choose a sampling frame
4. Select sampling method
5. Determine sample size
6. Develop plan for selecting sampling elements
7. Execute plan

Know what is involved in the validation, coding, and editing processes.
Validation- the process of ascertaining that the interviews were conducted as specified
Was the person actually interviewed?
Did they qualify to be interviewed- by screener question
Was the interview in the required place?
Did the interview cover the entire survey?
Was the interviewer courteous, etc.?
Editing- the process of ascertaining that questionnaire were completed properly and completely
Were the skip patterns followed?
Coding- The process of grouping and assigning numeric codes to various responses on the questionnaire

Know how to code open-ended questions.
1. List responses
Small sample- use all of them
Large sample- use a sample of them
2. Consolidating responses
3. Setting codes assign numeric codes
4. Entering codes

Know how to perform the chi-squired tests and the K-S test.

Know the steps in hypothesis testing.
1. State the hypotheses
2. Choose the test statistic (e.g., Chi-squared, KS, t-test, etc.)
3. Develop a decision rule (alpha=.05)
4. Calculate the value of the test statistic
5. State the conclusion

What are the null and alternative