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Mr. X
X State Bank

June 5, 2014

Dear Mr. X:

This letter is written with the intent of bringing to your attention that I have made several attempts to reach you by voicemail to discuss an urgent matter with you. I called on May 28, 2014 with the request for a return call – this request was not honored and my call was not returned by you or any other bank representative on this matter.

Although we have been a valued customer at your institution, we now have an issue with regard to the refinancing of our home located at 440 Mockingbird Lane, (city), (State). We have had several telephone conversations with Ms. Sabrina X, a loan officer at your bank in regards to the status of our refinance-able loan – but we have not come to a mutually acceptable result. The most recent conversation with Ms. X was on May 22, 2014.

During my May 22, 2014 telephone conversation with Ms. X, she stated as I quote, “We will redo our loan and probably can do a little better than the 5% interest.” This conversation left my wife and me with the impression that our loan was going to be refinanced – was in the process of being refinanced, and gave us the assurances that this transaction would take place and be final in a few short days to completion.

Later, while waiting to hear from Ms. X, I received a telephone call from Jennifer Y, an attorney with the law firm Y. She stated that the bank is calling in the note and refuses to redo the loan, unless I repay a portion of the $75,000 which was offset from my previous loans a year ago. I have paid taxes on this amount and it has been treated like income for us.

I explained to Jennifer Y that I was confused at this new turn of events, as I have been discussion options for refinancing with Sabrina X. At this point, Ms. Y stated to me that I did not get the conversation with Ms. X in writing, therefore – does this conversation not exist? (Query: Banks routinely tape their telephone conversations, and some always tape them, don’t they?).

Today, as a result of the above mentioned situation, I have been trying to repay off the loan as quickly as possible, and am paying extra each month to reach this goal. I am confused and never needed to negotiate a loan with an attorney before and am not interested in pursuing this arrangement now as I did not ask for this attorney and this situation is being thrust upon us quite suddenly.

I am unsure who to believe in with this scenario. Ms. Xchas ignored my pleas to work with me again on this…