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Strategic Plan Report


May 2010

By: Melanie Taylor
Cheryl Anthony
Troy Micic

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 4
Introduction 5
Background 5
Internal Environment 6
External Environment 7
Local and National 7
Global 7
Mission Statement 8
Vision 8
Values 8
Political, Economical, Socio-Cultural and Technological (PEST) Analysis 9
Factors impacting on NGMV: 11
Political 11
Economical 11
Social 12
Technological 13
SWOT Analysis 14
External Influences: 14
Threats 14
Opportunities 15
Internal Influences: 15
Strengths 15
Porters Five Forces: 17
Buyer Power 18
Supplier Power 18
Substitute products 19
Rivalry 19
Competitors and New Entrants 20
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix 21
Value Chain Analysis 23
Research and development 24
Manufacturing and assembling of the product 24
Marketing and Sales 24
Customer service 24
Scenario Plan and Improving Performance 26
Key Performance Indicators 29
Customer Service Targets 29
Net Profit Projection 30
Market Share 30
Staff retention = retaining knowledge and expertise in the organisation 31
Monitoring Key Performance Indicators 31
Three strategies 32
Customer Service Strategy 32
Greener environment 32
Growth Strategy/Global Strategy – expand into other markets (New Zealand/UK) 32
Cost Benefit Analysis 33
Cost Benefit Analysis for NGMV 34
Planning into the Future 35
2010 – 2011 35
2011 – 2013 35
2013 – 2015 35
Bibliography 36

Executive Summary
This report summarises the five (5) year Strategic Plan for Next Generation Motor Vehicles (NGMV) and discusses in detail a number of internal and external factors that have been considered throughout the development of the strategic plan.

NGMV’s management team has researched the motor vehicle industry, within both local and international markets and has researched the future of Australia and the effects of the future on the motor vehicle industry. Through the analysis and assessment of the environment, along with the organisation’s vision and mission, NGMV has developed a five year strategic plan, to ensure its continued success.

The report outlines NGMV’s current market position, analysing its core strengths and weaknesses in the internal market, whilst outlining opportunities and threats within its external market.

A number of other tools were used to assist in analysing the environment and identifying key factors that could potentially affect NGMV’s success. These tools, including Porter’s Fiver Forces, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix and a Political, Economical, Socio-cultural and Technological (PEST) analysis assisted NGMV in understanding key risk areas and, the influence these factors have on the organisation. These findings provide a platform for NGMV in the development of the strategic plan accordingly.

The report, through a value chain analysis, summarises the primary activities that will be undertaken within the next five years to gain a competitive advantage in the industry and outlines how NGMV will improve their performance. The three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) identified will assist in the improvement of performance management and provide tools to measures and monitor the progress and success of the organisation ensuring the desired outcome from the vision and mission for NGMV.

Three future strategies have been identified using Porter’s Three Strategies Theory and outlined in the report prioritising each of the strategies within specific time frames for implementation. These strategies include a co-operative venture and is supported with risk and cost benefit analysis.

NGMV has outlined some key objectives including:
Where is NGMV headed?
What are the future goals for the organisation?
What new challenges may arise?

The analysis includes the organisation’s current position, its strengths, weaknesses within the internal and external environment to ensure that the strategic plan developed, will determine the future success of NGMV.

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