The Scene Of The Crime By Pepon Osorio

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I chose to do the Scene of the Crime by Pepon Osorio artwork because he uses such a horrible scene in his own meditational reasons. He uses the colors white and red in this art piece for meditation and anger. Pepon creates all signs of a hate anger type of crime scene with broken glass and things thrown all over the place. This piece takes my eye because it a true life situation that he turns into art. He uses this crime scene for people who look at it to get lesson on life like being passionate. Even with me looking at this piece I feel like I can get something out of it. This piece of art really got to me because I feel I can relate to it. I’m from a city called Savannah where I see crimes seen like this every other day or week. From me just seeing and knowing things like this are going on, I just always kept in my mind that I had to stay above it. It gives me a passion to want to do things to make it out my city and if I could, help my city get better. When you see things like a crime scene, it makes you mad in the inside but it also makes you think about life in a different way. It makes you want to move on into life for the person who is the victim a can no longer move on his own. I see many artworks and designs but I don’t think any have touched me like this art piece. One last thing it shows me is that you have to take life serious because you never know when your crime scene is going to be something the next kid in your shoes has to see.