Scholarship: Idea and Best Paying Jobs Essay

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I am currently majoring in pre-nursing, and I do plan on applying to nursing school in the spring. One of the things that did not surprise me is that nursing is one of the top ten best jobs to have. I have always been told that nursing is a good field to work, because nurses are always going to be needed, that is also why the unemployment rate is as low as it is. I personally want to become a pediatric nurse for the fact that this is what I want to do with my life. It is just an advantage that is one of the best paying jobs. Even though it is a rough road to actually being in the nursing program, it will be all worth it!

I am currently on a four year scholarship that pays for everything, after financial aid. Even with a scholarship, my scholarship does not pay for summer classes. I do not receive any financial aid, so I have to pay out of pocket. By me being having a pre-nursing major, I have to have so many classes done before actually applying into the nursing program. For the past two summers I have been paying for school, and it is hard having to pay so much money at once. I can only imagine those who have to pay four years of college. By the government shutting down, things could have gone left for those who do receive assistance. They would have to find another plan to pay for their tuition. Even though summer classes are somewhat optional for me and may not cost as much as a full semester, I still understand how it feels to struggle with paying for tuition. I did not know the shutdown could have affected us college students until reading the article.

I think that any type of scholarship or financial assistance is great by any means. There is nothing better than not having to worry about being in debt from loans. I am a transfer student from Kansas State University, and the tuition there is much more expensive. At K-State, it seemed like I had to pay for everything. When I transferred here at Pitt, everything was paid for through the tuition. It is the simple things that could help someone. The border states should be able to get a scholarship just because of their location. I do not necessarily agree it should be cheaper for them just because out-of-state students should have to pay out-of-state fees like every other school and student. I just think they should get some assistance by offering scholarships to those who border the Kansas states.

I do think it is important that there should be a class for any emergency situation if there was an active shooter on campus. I think it is important to inform people how to be safe on and off campus. Even though in the article it said it was not “aimed” at Pitt State, I still think it is important no matter what campus someone may be on. By having conventions like that can help others be aware of a situation that requires them to use what they learned from the convention to use in an emergency situation. I know there has been a lot of talk about being able to bring concealed weapons on campus. It is all based upon the state’s laws, along with the university’s policies. That also plays a role in emergency situations.

I feel like when I buy an item, I am normally going to look at the brand, buy it, and try it. If I like that brand, I am going to continuously buy that product from the same brand. That is a loyal customer who trusts the company of that brand to continue to do a good job at making their products the best that they can. When something goes wrong, I believe that people become more disappointed rather than upset. They expect so much from a company, and feel like they let them down. It is hard gaining trust back from customers, especially loyal customers. It also ruins their reputation for those who may want to try their products, but will not anymore just because of that one mistake. I do not expect companies to be perfect because I know that there is not anything or anyone that is. I do think it takes time for companies to gain that trust back after