Essay On Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Why is it pass time to pay college athletes
Being a college athlete is a very stressful job. Athletes have to worry about playing at your best on the field and then off the field have to worry about paying bills having money to eat. To top it all off you have to worry about keeping your grades up and try to find some time to study being a college athlete is a full time job by itself. Everyone knows college is hard and soon as you get done with your classes you have to go straight to practice. There is really no room for anything else it takes away all your time college athletes may spend about 40 hours a week maybe more practicing leaving little time to keep up with academic commitments. NCAA schools can absolutely afford to pay college athletes i’m not saying there pros and should be paid millions dollars. I’m saying we should at least pay them an annual salary so they can at least pay their bills and other necessities. About 85% of college athletes on a scholarship live below the poverty line (Horace).

Ticket sales are about $95 million in revenue (PR, Newswire). the average football stadium holds anywhere from 30,000 to 110,000 thousand the average cost of a ticket is $150
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Schools are actually making more money than ever from the money of televised college sports, especially the most popular men’s football and basketball. However, the athletes involved in these games are the reason why sporting shows are such a hit in the first place and are not getting more than their scholarship grants. It is not even enough to cover for all their expenses as of tuition, food, board, travel, books, and etc. They have no other means to compensate for this need since sport practices take up all of their time after their academic responsibilities. Paying college students extra money, would actually go a long way especially for the ones belonging to a family with low