Essay on School: Mobile Phone and Social Media

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Smartphones Impacting our Lives Smart phones are becoming a modern day necessity, to the point where they are a must have for every teenager and adult. Smart phones are so advanced people like me can live without it. Human beings are growing increasingly attached to these devices, depending on them more and more for their communications with other people, job duties, and other daily activities such as social media that they accomplish on the daily basis. These devises let people communicate faster with their relatives, bosses, or even friends. It makes it easier for us to communicate and the easier thing are the more we want things. Today people set up interviews via text. Where as in years ago, people would either get a call, or a letter sent to set up an interview. Technology for communication has increased drastically within years. People don’t only use smartphones for communicating with friends and family but also for emergencies, whether it’s to call the police or paramedics for a severe emergency. Smartphones have benefitted society and made communication easier overall. Smartphones have also helped in the business world. They have benefitted businesses by making it easier to email whoever they need to speak to. Businesses often email their colleagues or bosses and this helps them be more professional, and it is also easier to communicate. While it was once standard to let emails pile up consistently and create responses in batches, instantly checking your messages has become rather an expectation for serious business people. Also going on business trips has never been easier. Not only can you find plane tickets and low hotel prices at a moment’s notice, but you can find your way around the new area with ease thanks to mobile maps and GPS navigation utilities. This makes it easier for business to make travelling stress-free. Smartphone have also impacted businesses in positive ways, and will keep on amazing the business world for years. Social media today is used for so many things such as: breaking news, the weather, newspaper, twitter, face book, Instagram etc. All these things ost people do as they wake up, which is not bad but it could