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On an extremely tragic December day, a crime occurred in a small town in Connecticut. A man walked into an elementary school with a gun and shot over a dozen children and teachers. After this tragedy, the government stayed busy contemplating ideas about how to keep schools safer and to prevent shootings from happening. A theory was discussed about the possibility of teachers being armed in schools. In reality, it is impossible to prevent school shootings by arming teachers because teachers lack training, students are involuntarily being put into danger, and it would be difficult to justify a teacher shooting a student or intruder. A teacher being armed is tremendously unsafe because they lack the training to use guns. Most teachers have never even held a gun, much less shot one. For someone who is inexperienced in using a weapon, it is a huge responsibility for him or her to be held accountable for one. There are a lot of things to remember when using a gun, for example, how to turn the safety on and off so that the firearm can shoot. A teacher may know nothing about a safety control or how to use it. Secondly, teachers could not mentally prepare themselves for a situation where they would have to use a gun. If a situation arose where it would be necessary to use a weapon, a teacher could possibly freeze-up in horror of the thought of killing someone. It might not seem like a big deal, but a teacher would have to live with that scene in the back of their mind for the rest of their life. Also, a teacher might not be able to handle a gun, and might end up shooting the wrong person because of bad aim. Aiming the gun successfully at the intruder would be strikingly important, especially in a class full of students. A firearm is a very complicated thing to control. If a gun recoils hard enough, it could steer your hands away from the original target. Another reason why teachers should not be armed is because students are involuntarily being put into danger. Students do not have a say whether or not teachers should be armed. If teachers are armed, many students might not feel comfortable. Students should be able to speak for themselves; especially if it is about a facility they attend five days a week. Also, students could possibly gain access to the weapons and hurt a lot of people, including their self. These days, students are outrageously smart and usually can figure out a way to get around things that they aren’t supposed to. Imagine a student getting into a fight with another student and getting so angry, they find a way to gain control of the firearm, and use it on the other student. Last, some students might get paranoid or distracted by the fact that there is a firearm in the classroom. Seeing a firearm in a school is very frightening, and might affect their view on going to school. A student could be extremely afraid of weapons, and not be able to focus if one is in the same room as they are. Finally, it would have to be a completely necessary situation for a teacher to use a firearm, but it would be hard to justify what is mandatory, and what is not. First of all, what makes a situation necessary to use a gun? Everybody has their own opinions, and

there would be a lot of discussions on the topic. For example, a