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July 17,2013 Career Exploration
I have decided to major in Health Sciences at the University of Central Florida with a career in diagnostic medical sonography. This paper describes much of the result of my research and tentative plans for the future. After I graduate from Valencia, I plan to attend the University of Central Florida. Offering 211 diverse degree programs, UCF has become an academic and research leader in numerous fields, with twelve individual colleges and a 1,425-acre main campus featuring with modern technology and cultural diversity (University of Central Florida). This, along with five other aspects of UCF, greatly interests me. Firstly, in the all-important consideration of location, UCF is extremely convenient as it is within half an hour of my home, and because I am a Florida resident, I will pay a lower tuition at this public university. Secondly, the admissions process at UCF will be much easier than going out of state, because as a student at Valencia, I can transfer straight into UCF with DirectConnect and focus on applying for the Health Sciences program. Thirdly, I chose this university because it has an Honors program with a good reputation, and fourthly, because UCF’s athletic facilities hold many exciting classes and features, such as courses in racquetball. Lastly, the University maintains a high reputation in the Orlando community for opportunities in learning, for academic excellence, and for student satisfaction. I am really looking forward to attending.
I plan to apply to UCF’s College of Health and Public Affairs. According to University’s current catalog, “The Associates of Science degree in Health Sciences Pre-Clinical Track is designed for students with interest in human health leading to graduate study or career advancement. This degree is designed to provide the students with a solid educational background in basic and health-related sciences, while providing the foundation…