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Step 1) Gather all materials
Step 2) Give Your dog a command; Let’s say your dog knows how to do the command “sit”, give that command but change the word “sit” with a similar sounding work like “hit” or “lit”.
Step 3) Try each word five times using different words and different orders but being the same command.
Step 4) See how your dog reacts to the command, does he sit half way, does he think about it?
Step 5) Record your results.
Step 6) Repeat steps 2-5 with a different command.
Step 7) Now after you record your results try steps 2-5 but with words that sound relatively close to the word.
Step 8) Record observations.MATERIALS
-A dog that understands at least three commands
-Paper to record results
In this project my purpose is to find whether dogs comprehend language or tone.
If I give my dog a command, then he will understand the word rather the tone because dogs have the same level of cognition as a 2 year old which enables them to have the same skills to learn up to 150 words.

OBSERVATIONS After giving my dog three commands I noticed that even when I changed the tone or the word he would still follow the command. After I was done with the three commands I changed the language to Spanish, I noticed that he reacted differently when I gave him the command in Spanish. When I gave him the first command he responded but when I changed the word he did not perform the command.
In conclusion, my hypothesis…